New Construction and Roof Repairs

No homeowner wants to hear those words, “You will need to replace the roof”; it’s a gut wrenching comment that causes your wallet to shrink and your head to spin. But let’s face it, if you own a home; most likely in your lifetime, you will need a roof replacement. If you live in certain geographical areas of the United States that are prone to severe weather, you may even need two or three roof replacements in your lifetime.

You will need to do your homework on choosing the most durable and astatically pleasing roof choice. Homeowner’s generally base their buying choices on emotion and that usually leads to purchases made quickly and without too much thought; this should never be the case when it comes to roof replacement. This expenditure as a homeowner will most likely be the largest you will incur. In general, a roof replacement can run you thousands of dollars.

Most roofing materials are now manufactured with long-term efficiency and manufacturers do offer manufacturing warranties on their products. But manufacturing warranties do not cover workmanship and finding a company to do roof replacement accurately and proficiently is important. Therefore, you will need to find a roof replacement company that offers some type of written warranty on workmanship.

When choosing the material for your roof replacement, consider two or three characteristics; first, your geographical area and weather conditions; second, the lifetime of the material when installed correctly; and third, the style and look of the material. Just because it’s pretty and expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. The more popular three-dimensional asphalt shingle offers the homeowner a more pleasing look, as well as, a longer lifespan when compared to standard asphalt shingles. They do tend to cost more, but overall, they are a very economical choice.

So make sure your installer is licensed and knows how to appropriately install the roofing material(s) that you choose.

Another popular choice in roof replacement is metal. Generally speaking a good metal roof will last a homeowner approximately forty to fifty years. Metal roofs are often costly, metal roofing offers the homeowner a problem free solution in the long-run. Today’s manufacturer’s of metal roofs use special additives in their paint treatments and special coatings to prevent fading.

Roof replacement can be a costly headache, but look at the bright side; you’re given the chance to upgrade your home to the newest and best products available. A beautiful roof replacement can add value and overall appeal to any home.